29 03/14

What to Do When Choosing Freight Forwarders

When it comes to choosing freight forwarders, it would most likely boil down to choosing the least expensive ones. However, businesses should keep in mind that choosing these logistic services are often that line that divides the satisfaction of their customers. Without thinking about the cost, it is more important to consider the other benefits that they can get, as long as it will not break the bank. Here are things that one should consider in ensuring prompt delivery of undamaged goods, which would largely mean no spoiled resources.

Doing the Research

Researching about the best freight forwarders before contacting them is always the best thing to do. At the same time, a business should initially weigh in their needs. Volume and the means of travel (whether it would be through land, sea, or air) would greatly impact which forwarder should be tapped for their services.
It would also be useful to list down all the particulars for forwarding. The better one defines their logistic requirements, the more solid the vendor’s proposal would be.

Know About the Business Itself

Even if you are relying on a freight forwarding company, it is also best to have knowledge on how the system works. Knowing about customs ruling on products and the technology needed to move your goods would be essential, especially when you are looking for a company to whom you could entrust your products.
Networking is also very important to freight forwarders, and knowing how extensive their reach is would be important in knowing what they can offer you. Who they are tapping to help them move your products would be very crucial in ensuring that you are meeting your schedule and to see to it that your customers are getting their orders in good condition.

After the Contract Signing

If you think you are satisfied with their proposal, you have the right reasons to sign their contract. However, you can judge how your relationship with the freight forwarding company would fare when it is time for them to deliver their end of the bargain. It would be wise for both you and the company to see to it that no unrealistic expectations are set, but you should feel that they are giving you the peace of mind by updating you about your shipment. Know that you can get this experience from small carriers, and large ones can still be a pain in your neck.